Wiele miast ma potoczne nazwy, nierzadko znane na całym świecie. Jednym z nich jest np. Nowy Jork, znany jako 'Big Apple'. Ale dlaczego akurat takie nazwy? Zachęcam Cię do przeczytania (póki co tylko w języku angielskim).

Najpierw jednak, spróbuj dopasować kilka potocznych nazw do konkrentych miast. Powodzenia!


A lot of cities around the world have their nicknames. Why are they called this way? Read and find out.

But first, try to match the nicknames to the correct cities:

Here we go...

For many of these nicknames there was no reason, they are just nicknames that stuck.
For example, why DALLAS is called the Big D? Some say that it's just because the city is big and it starts with D. Even though, there is said to be the man who created that nickname - Lee 'Pop' Myres (source). He coined this phrase in 1936 on a breakfast radio program and some time later it was widely used.

Reasons for CHICAGO being called the Windy City? The first explanation is connected with Chicago's windy weather (with the breezes blowing off Lake Michigan - to be precise). However, Chicago is not the windiest city in the US. Other places are ususally rated higher, e.g. Boston, New York or San Francisco. The second reason refers to politicians and residents who are said to be 'full of hot air' (egoistic, full of nonsense).
There is also yet another explanation that concerns rivarly between Chicago and Cinncinati. The cities were rivals when it comes to the meatpacking trade and to the baseball matches. Some of the first known citations of 'Windy City' are dated back to 1876, e.g.:
"The Windy City Jay-Rollers La-Crosse Team wins Inaugural Game against Cincinnati Nannies" - in Chicago Tribune (April 20, 1876).
"That Windy City. Some Freaks of the Last Chicago Tornado" - in The Cincinnati Enquirer (May 9, 1876).
And on November 18, 1892, you could read such an explanation:


Time for BOSTON. And here the explanation is quite simple. Massachusetts State House is located there (picture above). The building is also known as 'The Hub of the Solar System". That nickname was coined by Oliver Wendell Holmes in 1858, and 'the Hub' (which refers to Boston) is simply short for it.

NEW ORLEANS is easy-going and laid-back, so its nickname 'The Big Easy' matches it perfectly! The nickname was invented in 1970s by a Louisiana journalist who used this name for New Orleans. Then, 'The Big Easy', a novel by James Conaway was launched, and the nickname grew in popularity.

"The Emerald City" isn't actually known for emeralds. However, the name refers to the greenery surrounding SEATTLE. Seattle is in Washington State, which on the other hand is nicknamed "The Evergreen State". Seattle is green almost all year round. Its nickname can be dated back to 1982 when it was chosen from other contest entries.

I'm sure you've heard of more than only these nicknames. If you know something interesting about their names - share with us!

What's in a name? #2 soon!

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