Poprzednie posty opisywały 4 kraje wchodzące w skład Zjednoczonego Królestwa. W związku z tym to chyba dobry moment na kilka ćwiczeń, które podsumują tą wiedzę.

Jako przypomnienie, przedstawiam ramkę z podstawowymi informacjami (z mozliwością pobrania)

Poniżej przedstawiam kilka ćwiczeń w języku polskim. Miłej zabawy!

1. Na podstawie opisu ustal, o jaki kraj chodzi i odpowiedz na pytania.

2. Podpisz obrazki właściwymi nazwami:

3. Dopasuj informacje do odpowiedniego kraju:

Więcej ciekawych ćwiczeń i quizów w zakładce ENGLISH.

In the previous posts I wrote about England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Each country is full of interesting facts and pieces of information. And it was really difficult to mention everything. If you think that something should be added let me know.

In this post you will find different exercises and quizes about the UK.
Below, the table with the basic info about the UK. You can easily download it.

Whether you are a British fan or you simply like the UK check your knowledge with the following exercises and quizes. Maybe you are preparing your students to a competition... Or maybe you just use such interactive exercises during lessons... These links will surely be of valuable help.Enjoy!

Under the first exercises you can open a full-screen version or download a pdf file.

1. Answer the questions:
pdf (three exercises on one page)

2. Match:

3. Write the names:

4. Complete the texts:

If it's not enough, below you have other quizes concerning the UK found on the Internet (easier and more difficult):
1. Quiz: how well do you know the UK? (The Guardian) - this one might be difficult but still it's very interesting.
2. Britain Quiz (Oxford University Press)
3. Life in the UK tests -  the link refers to all 45 tests. Really worth doing, some questions are extremely easy, but others - quite tricky.
4. Customs and traditions (englisch-hilfen.de) - you can choose the number of questions (between 5 and 15), they are mostly (but not only!!!) connected with the famous places and festivals.
5. What do you know about Great Britain? - quiz 1 (english-tea-time.com) - unfortunately it's not an interactive quiz but the answers are right under the quiz, which helps.
6. What do you know about Great Britain? - quiz 2  (english-tea-time.com)
7. United Kingdom Quiz - FREE General Knowledge Quiz for Kids Online - maybe it was meant to be just for kids, but trust me, anyone can have fun taking it! Enjoy.
8. A Great B.ritish Quiz - culture and basic info about the UK with immediate explanation.
9. Quiz: Can you name these famous UK landmarks? - interesting questions with pictures, instant feedback.
10. Can you name all of these famous British landmarks? (The Mirror) - again based on pictures, quite easy and enhacing :D
11. How well do you actually know British landmarks? - as above...
12. United Kingdom Quiz - really difficult, but if you are crazy about the UK it will be easy peasy lemon squeezy :D
13. England OR United Kingdom (UK) quiz - you can do it online or get it printed, 10 questions which are relatively easy.

Prefer pdfs? Here you are:
1. Scotland (InsideOut) - excellent for group work.
2. Destination UK: Scotland (British Council) - a lesson plan with various exercises, you can use all of them or pick and choose.

If you know any other quizes, which - of course - are worth recommending, please share!

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